BPW Aims & Ambition

Develop women’s professional and leadership potential at all levels, with the determination that our effort will lead to Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles.

The main aim of BPW is to develop the professional and leadership potential of women at all levels BPW members:

  • take professional responsibility on all levels in the economy, politics and society
  • think and act locally, nationally and internationally
  • engage in networking, mentoring and lobbying
  • enjoy life-long learning
  • work with the United Nations and other international organizations
  • develop multicultural friendships

 Three Aims

  1. Awareness

    To extend to members and the community an enhanced awareness of issues, interests and practices that affect women at muncipal, provincial, national and international levels.

  2. Action

    To effect positive change for women through advocacy, community outreach, networking and collaboration with like-minded organizations.

  3. Development

    To support members and all women in developing their capacity for leadership, communication and personal, professional and business excellence. 

 The aims are developed through BPW's Four Cornerstones.


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