BPW Aims & Objectives

BPW aims to unite business and professional women through the following objectives:

Work For Women's:

  • economic independence
  • equal opportunity and representation in economic, civil and political life

Encourage and Support Women and Girls

  • to develop their professional and leadership potential
  • to undertake lifelong education and training
  • to use their abilities for the benefit of others, locally, provincially and nationally


  • for the elimination of all discrimination against women
  • for human rights and the use of gender-sensitive perspectives


  • local, province and national networking and co-operation between business and professional women
  • non-profit projects that help women gain economic independence to present the views of business and professional women to local, provincial and national organizations and agencies, and to business, governments and civil society

The aims and objectives are developed through BPW's Four Cornerstones.


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