BPW Learning Modules

BPW Ontario and BPW Canada offer, numerous modules in leadership development, lobbying, communication management and many others are available to the members. The modules can be explored in any order, in a self-directed individual or group format.

BPW International members have developed several webinar training series geared to assist BPW members and clubs across the world. BPW Canada members, login to the BPW Canada website to find out more information about these webinars.

The BPW Ontario and BPW Canada modules have been set up to be used at the local level and reflect the cornerstones and aims of BPW.

BPW Ontario Leadership Learning Modules

These leadership learning modules are designed to help the women refine their leadership skills in creating a shared vision, lobbying for effective change, mobilizing resources and creating dynamic programs and flawless event planning.  

All of these resources are available on the BPW Ontario Website - Members' Area.  

  • Module 1: Program with Panache: Creating Exciting Programs that Engage Your Members and Entice the Media.

  • Module 2: Resolutions: Giving Women the Power of Voice.

  • Module 3: Executive Leadership Roles: Igniting the Spirit.

  • Module 4: Federation Promotion: Membership Spread the Word - Share the Power.

  • Module 5: You are Worth It! Pay Equity, Equal Pay for Equal Work and Salary Negotiation. 

BPW Canada Career Skills Achievement Program

This series of topics addresses key areas of professional development that can help women overcome obstacles to career advancement while encouraging a proactive approach to personal achievement.  

A pdf version of both the Facilitator's Guide and the Participant's Workbook are available on the BPW Canada Website - Members' Area, the modules take approximately 2-1/2 hours each to complete. Each module requires approximately 2.5 hours to complete with portions designed to serve as a refresher or ongoing learning tool. 

  • Module 1: Meetings: We Have to Start Meeting Like This! - Making the Most of Meetings: Leading and Participating©

  • Module 2: Communication: Straight to the Point - Getting Your Message Across in 30 Seconds or Less©

  • Module 3: Gender Equity: Gender Equity in the Workplace - How Employees, Managers and Organizations Can Prevent and Deal with Sexual Harassment©

  • Module 4: Business Etiquette: First Impressions and Lasting Success - Business Etiquette for the 21st Century©

  • Module 5: Mentoring - Making Mentoring Work For You - Learning and Teaching on the Road to Success©

  • Module 6: Time Management - Making Time for What Matters Most - Time Management for Business Women©

BPW London Community

BPW London's community involvement is made possible by the support of members and friends who continue to support BPW London and believe in building toward advancing equal opportunities within our community and beyond.

BPW London's Community Involvement 

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