The Four Cornerstones

Women's Issues: Advocacy & Awareness Personal Development Leadership Skills/Career Development Supportive Networking

BPW London

BPW develops the cornerstones through Connection, Growth, Positive Change and a Voice at all 5 levels of the organization: local, district, provincial, national and international.

Women's Issues: Advocacy & Awareness

This cornerstone provides the voice and connection...

  • BPW has access to current information affecting women.
  • Shapes, lobbies and influences the world around us through resolutions, letters and briefs to all levels of government.
  • Debating issues and developing research for resolutions.
  • Influence at the United Nations with BPW International having Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1947.

The Women's Advocacy cornerstone provides insight into the "big picture" of BPW's mandate: improving the economic, social and political status of women.

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Personal Development

The Personal Development cornerstone is explored in BPW via three different methods.

  1. Formal: Monthly dinners, guest speakers, special events, mentoring programs, workshops, training, provincial conferences, conventions and congresses.
  2. Informal: Sharing/mentoring and learning from a diverse membership comprised of a wide range of occupations and experience. Holding executive positions within the organization at any level enhances your professional skills.
  3. Career Skills Advancement Program: offers members an economical, timely and practical skill development program. This program offers general skills: mentoring, time management, public speaking, meeting management, handling sexual harassment and business etiquette.

Numerous self-directed modules in leadership development, lobbying, communication management and many others are available to the members.

Leadership Skills & Career Advancement

This cornerstone leads to growth and positive change...

  • Through Club activities and opportunities, members can serve in a range of leadership capacities: local club executive, provincial, national and international boards, multiple committees, and ad hoc initiatives at all levels of the organization.
  • Leadership Learning Modules and Tutorials on such topics as developing resolutions, effective leadership etc.

Learning to work with others and developing leadership skills that value and respect a healthy diversity of ideas, cultures and approaches can successfully position members for advancement in their professional, personal and/or political aspirations.

Supportive Networking

BPW is more than networking...members build supportive networks and friendships...