Resolutions: Giving Women the Power of Voice

"Through our collective energy, well researched, written and presented resolutions can bring us closer to equality for women." 

Resolutions are the foundation of BPW. They help to increase our awareness and understanding of issues affecting women at a local, provincial, national and international scale. Ontario resolutions can be searched via the BPW Ontario Resolution Database and National resolutions via the BPW Canada Resolution Database.

Resolutions are used to make positive change by engaging decision makers in dialogue to shape legislation and make process and policy changes that can improve the social, economic, political and employment status for women.

This dialogue is often initiated when a brief is compiled outlining the issues that have been debated and approved by the membership at either the annual Provincial Conference or National AGM /Convention.

Through BPW's Resolution process we have a legislative voice, with opportunities to lobby governments at the local, provincial, national and international levels. 

BPW Ontario Briefs

BPW Canada Briefs

 The Power to Make a Difference! 

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