Women's Economic Empowerment
A Free Event

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Panel Discussion: October 5: 10 am  - 12:30 pm
Best Western Lamplighter
591 Wellington Road South, London, ON
Royal Palm: North Side, Lower Level

Limited Seating: Pre-registration is required by September 30 to
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Special Guest:

 stephanie deiStephanie Dei, Canada National Coordinator
UNWomen WeEmpower

Panelists represent a cross-section of London industries:

SandyPearce    andrew crook    BPW London     courtney Hance
Sandy Kirkwood-Pearce,

Partner, Chief Operations Officer
Baker Tilly Trillium LLP (London)
Sandy's Bio
  Andrew Crook
Managing Partner and Broker
PC275 Realty Brokerage
Andrew's Bio
  Melissa McInerney
CEO & Chief Creative Officer
  Courtney Hance
The Branding Firm Inc
Board President
London Chamber of Commerce
Courtney's Bio

We believe that by bringing together our innovative private sector with visionary

community organizations and governmental leaders we can advance gender equality
and inclusive diversity in Canada. Our work encourages all stakeholders to build local,
provincial and national partnerships for collaborative sustainable business practices and
inclusive community development.


This free event is sponsored by BPW London, Canadian Coalition to Empower Women (CCEW)Women Offering Resources and Knowledge (W.O.R.K.), BPW Canada and Baker Tilly Trillium LLP and BDC.

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