My Smartphone: Friend or Foe?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Great evening! Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the evening. Wonderful interactions and learning. Photos from the evening.

The Presenters

mynotables BPW London     katie cole   something simple  
Mary Beth Bezzina: MyNotables a simple sharable note and to-do list app that requires minimal effort and time to learn, set-up and use.     Katie Cole, Medway High School teacher, and Media Education Specialist. Katie will explain security and protection while using your smartphone. She is committed to helping parents, educators, and students interact safely and positively online.    Jennifer Gall, Something Simple: Social media, hashtags, tagging - everything you should know about posting.  

The Proceeds 

Proceeds from the evening were distributed to 3 charities selected by each presenter:

 Live With Happiness   Medway High School Athletic Enhancement Campaign       epilepsy sw ontario
Mary Beth Bezzina, MyNotables: Live With Happiness - Rwanda. Photo: Mary Beth in Rwanda with a group from Live With Happiness   Katie Cole, Media Education Specialist and Medway High School Teacher: Medway Enhancement Campaign      Jennifer Gall, Something Simple: Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario 

The Evening 

BPW London Community

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