BPW London's 10th Annual
Gourmet BBQ Social and Fundraiser

June 19, 2018

BPW London June19 2018

For 10 years, BPW London member, Carole Orchard has hosted the Gourmet BBQ Social & Fundraiser and been the main "chef". This year was Carole's last bbq, as she will retiring and starting a new chapter in her life. Carole has opened up her home, her cookbooks and her generosity to BPW London over the past 10 years. She's had many helpers over the years but her "I couldn't have done it without..." helpers have been BPW London member Jeannette Veenstra and her husband, Wes. Jeannette and Wes have helped make burgers, helped set up and cleaned-up and for 10 years have been in charge of bbq'ing the burgers. Through the years this trio has smiled their way through bbq malfunctions, frozen burgers, rain, wind, humidity and darkness. Carole, Jeannette & Wes - thank you! For 10 years, the three of you have pulled together and presented us with a feast! The bbq has been one of the main fundraisers for BPW London, and the dedication of the three of you, and many others have helped make the event a successful fundraiser for the club and a truly fun evening.

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The Menu

The Appetizers

Charred Eggplant Dip with Quick Quinoa Crackers (GF, DF)
Crostini with Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade (GF, DF)
Pizza Pinwheels

eggplant dip

The Salads

Apple, Dried Cherry, Salad with Maple Dressing (GF)
Mango & Snow Pea Salad (GF, DF)
Smokey Green Salad with Creamy Almond Dressing (GF)


The Burgers

Coffee-Rubbed Cheese Burgers with Texas BBQ Sauce (GF)
Herb & Cranberry Turkey burgers with Caraway Slaw (GF)
Lamb & Bacon Burgers with Spiced Aioli
Curried Pork Burgers (GF)
Sweet Potato Falafel Burgers (GF)

sweetpotatoburgers    lamb bacon burgers with spicy aioli

The Desserts

Lemon Pistachio Meringue Crunch (GF, DF)
White Chocolate Cranberry Mousse Tart
Black Forest Mousse Parfaits (GF)
Trio of Sorbets (GF, DF)

black forest mousse 77851 1   lemoncrunch

Gourmet BBQ 2017 - Photos

BPWL Community Involvement

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Joined BPWL - 2017

I first came to BPW as a newcomer to London, looking to expand my network and become involved in the community. What I found is an amazing group of diverse, supportive, amazing women all looking to make a difference in the lives of other women at local, national and international levels. I look forward to our meetings every month and always leave feeling part of something much bigger. 

Joined BPWL - 2012

"I belong to several business and networking groups but I particularly enjoy BPW as the members are diverse, approachable and supportive with a common shared interest in women’s issues."

Joined BPWL - 1987

"BPW has opened the door to numerous opportunities to expand my horizons and grow as a person and a respected leader. It has allowed me to express my concerns for the oppression of women through resolutions and meetings with government. It has expanded my experiences through attending international meetings and participation at the United Nations, Commission on the Status of Women in New York. Most important it has been my vehicle for many lasting friendships." 

Joined BPWL - 2010

"BPW has gone beyond my expectations.  When I was newcomer to the city and becoming an entrepreneur, I wanted more than a networking group.  I wanted to be part of a group of dynamic women that made a difference in the lives of other women.  Since joining I have experienced personal growth, business support and friendship."

Joined BPWL - 2014

"I immediately felt at home from the first meeting I attended. BPW drew me in, giving me the opportunity to quickly become socialized, valued, and a loyal member. I love being part of a community of such diverse, passionate, energetic and interesting women!"

Joined BPWL - 1999

"What I like about BPW is that it's so much more  a networking group. Along with the networking, I have supported advocacy on behalf of women, learned a lot  and made friends in my own community, across Canada and internationally."

Joined BPWL - 2009

"As a small business owner working form home I have enjoyed the social aspect of BPW.  I have learned new skills through interactions with other BPW members.  BPW has also opened my eyes to the importance of advocacy for women.  I have made long lasting friendships and business connections."

Joined BPWL - 1987

"I joined the BPW London in the 80's as I began my career as a Financial Planner and have been very proud to be part of this amazing Club.  I have sat on the local Board and sat as the local representative on the Ontario Board.  Being part of this Association has enabled me to learn information/details of the diverse careers of the many members.  It has also gained me many friends and associates over these many years.  I support the political action of this Club locally, provincially, federally and internationally.  We still have not achieved women's rights for all and need to continue to work towards that goal.  Please consider joining and adding your name to Women's Rights."

Joined BPWL - 2001

"I joined BPW London during a work transition time and found encouragement in hearing stories from other women about their employment changes.  BPW’s mandate is friendship, growth, encouragement, and assistance – I have found all these from the women I met who are now my friends."