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"Each woman, as a citizen, must bring to the national policy of her own country, the contribution of forward-looking and constructive thought followed by determined action. Each woman must dedicate herself to protect and promote the interests of all other women in business and professions."

Lena Madesin Phillips, founder and first President of BPW International, 1930

August 21 - Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer with BPW London

 August 21, 2018

ale house patio

Ale House London
288 Dundas Street
6:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m.

  • Social get together, come and go as you please, ordering all food and drinks from the menu.
  • No fees (only cost of your order from the menu), come and visit and meet the women you usually don’t have time to do at the BPW London dinners.

Pre-registration is required prior to Noon Friday, August 17  to

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