February 20 - Mental Health Issues for Refugee Women

BPW London's February 2018 Speaker Series Dinner

February 20, 2018

Mental Health Issues for Refugee Women: Top or Bottom of the To-Do Checklist?

Tendayi bpwlondon feb2018

Tendayi Gwaradzimba, Community Outreach Co-Ordinator

Tendayi is a refugee from Zimbabwe, who was educated as a Registered Nurse, a Psychiatric Nurse and a Community Nurse as well worked for the United Nations with refugees. Tendayi will share her journey to Canada and dealing with mental health issues of refugees to Canada. World Tailors and their aprons will also be attending the dinner.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Evening will also include the Annual BPW International Candle Lighting Ceremony honouring BPW's historical memories, our accomplishments and celebrate today’s achievements.

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